if this website looks... small, and sparse, its because i like compressing things. things r better when theyre square and equal. makes me happy !!!!


welcome to coppertone ( for now... site name undecided.) my name is mikey. i like music and the smell of gasoline. sometimes i talk about things. i make web graphics for the tumblr.

currently watching : breaking bad... again
currently reading : paper towns
currently playing : clone hero
favourite albums

juturna - circa survive

2005 - post hardcore
favourite track - house of leaves

the downward spiral - nine inch nails

1994 - industrial
favourite track - reptile

yank crime - drive like jehu

1994 - post hardcore
favourite track - hand over fist

everything you ever wanted to know about silence - glassjaw

2000 - post hardcore
favourite track - lovebites and razorblades

sublime - sublime

1996 - ska punk
favourite track - jailhouse

everythings watched, everyones watching - heavy heavy low low

2007 - mathcore
favourite track - texas chainsaw mascer-uh

frame and canvas - braid

1998 - indie emo
favourite track - first day back
music player

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  • accident - saosin
  • travel by telephone - rival schools
  • kabuki girl - descendents